We expect to mate both Lola and Feenix in April. A little time to wait untill we have puppies again.


Yara, one of the daughters from Twinkle and Novak, is already living with us for more than 6 weeks. She’s such a happy and lovely girl. Happy to have her in our house!


Twinkle gave birth to four fabulous puppies. One charming boy (Yogi) and three amazing girls (Yayla, Yara and Yazz). Father of this family is Novak v.d. Hienderheuvel. One girl is still available.


We’re expecting puppies again! Twinkle v.d. Hienderheuvel is pregnant and mid September 2018 she’ll give us our Y-Litter. Dad to be is Novak v.d. Hienderheuvel.


He did it again. For the second year in a row Nacho v.d. Hienderheuvel (owner: Marjanne Benard) became Worldwinner. Worldwinner 2017 and 2018. Proud!


Unfortunately some sad news. We had to put Xyla, one of Loulé and Xico’s girls, to sleep. It turned out she had a problem with her oesophagus.


June 28th Loulé’s and Xico’s puppies were born. Three beautiful females (Xyla, Xarah and Xica). Loulé is a proud mum and the girls are doing great.


The puppies from Britt and Nacho are born (May 31st 2018). 2 fawn males (Whisky and Woo Woo) and 2 grey/blue girls (Waikiki and Wonder Woman) are born. Britt and her babies are doing fabulous! In 4 weeks we will welcome another litter. Loulé is pregnant and her belly is growing.


We’re expecting puppies!

Britt is pregnant and due to have her puppies around June 1st. Loulé was mated and will have puppies around June 29th. For more information you can look under the button “Puppies?”.


Waiting for the first girls to come in season so we will have puppies again somewhere in May or June. Untill than, a photocollage from our pride. From left to right: Britt, Zoran, Lola, Carmel, Conchita, Pepita, Feenix, Areia, Loulé and Isabela.


On December 7th we had to let go Organza, our last Cão da Serra da Estrela. She passed away at the age of 13 years and 2 months. A fantastic age for a fantastic dog. We will always remember our big brown bear as a girl with fabulous temperament and a super nanny for our Podengo’s and their puppies!


At the Worlddogshow in Leipzig Nacho v.d. Hienderheuvel became “Worldwinner 2017”. Many congrats to his owner Marjanne Bénard! The rest of our dogs also did good. Zoran, Twinkle and Feenix all were 2nd in their class with the highest qualification and a Reserve championship. Judged by the Portuguese Catarina O. de Castro. Needless to say, we had a great day!


Loulé was mated by Zoran. If pregnant, puppies expected around December 20th.

Zoran, 6 jaar (3)Loulé, 6½ maand (1)


Time for an update as it’s been a while. The puppies from Conchita and Lola left our house and we already have some plans for the upcoming litters (see the “Puppies” page). We’ve visited some shows abroad (Portugal, Germany, Belgium) and some of our dogs or bred by us gained some new Champion titles (Nacho, Twinkle, Soleil (Karma) and Britt). Also some big news: We’re going to move. From August 28th 2017 we’ll be living in Bellingwolde (more up north in the Netherlands).


There’s a new girl in town. A granddaughter to Areia and Zoran imported from the UK. We’d like you to meet:

Stormwitch Flames of Feenix (Pérola v.d. Hienderheuvel x Arranbourne Dourado at Stormwitch). We call her Feenix. 16 weeks and already a happy member of the crew.

IMG_5005 (Medium)


Our U- and V-litter is born! January 10th, Conchita gave birth to one male (Uan) and one female (Uanita). Lola delivered a singleton male (Vinho) on January 16th. Both Conchita, Lola and the puppies are doing absolutely fine!

Conchita, Uan & Uanita. This litter is sired by Zoran do Vale do Juiz

.U-nest, Dag 1 (16) (Medium)

Lola and Vinho. This boy is sired by Xico de Corgovalle

V-Nest, Dag 2 (5) (Medium)


We’re expecting puppies again. Both Conchita and Lola are pregnant and will have puppies in January 2017. More information under the button “Puppies?”.


Fridayevening late, October 7th, Pérola v.d. Hienderheuvel (aka Polo) gave birth to three handsome puppies. Two males and one female. Mum and puppies are doing fantastic. Areia and Zoran are proud grandparents!



Good news from Germany. Polar v.d. Hienderheuvel is officially a German Champion!


Tum Tum van de Hienderheuvel (May 27th – September 3rd 2016)

He should become 14 years at least. Unfortunately he died at only 14 weeks.

Walking on the lead with his owner and their Scottish Terrier they were attacked by an American Staffordshire Terrier. Just a happy and innocent puppy from just 2,5 kilo’s. Completely helpless against this sudden violence. The worst nightmare for every dogowner of a small breed. You hardly can do anything against this. Or can we? As breeders we are completely devastated.

Rest in peace our dearest Tum Tum. In those 14 weeks you’ve touched all our hearts. We will never forget you.

Tum Tum 13 weken


Isabela’s puppies are 4½ weeks old and all five of them are doing fantastic. There still is a girl available.

Dag 33, Twinkle (5)

Dag 33, Twix & Tic Tac (5)


Novak v.d. Hienderheuvel (Bowie) became a Dutch Champion at the International dogshow in Den Bosch. Congratulations to Ben & Ine!

Bowie (4) (Medium)


May we introduce you to our newest boy from Portugal, Xico de Corgovalle. 13 Months old, good looking and with wonderful temperament.

Xico, 9 juni 2016 (22) (Medium)


Our T-Litter is born. Isabela gave birth to five amazing puppies, 2 males and 3 females. Sweet as candy. Their names are Tum Tum, Tic Tac, Twix, Toffee and Twinkle. The father is the English stud, Arranbourne Dourado at Stormwitch (more information at “pups”)

T-Nest, 2 uur oud (16) (Medium)


Isabela is now six weeks pregnant, so puppies expected around May 31st. At the picture she’s 5½ weeks pregnant.

Buik Isabela Week 5½ (1)


Britt won her first German championspoint at the age of 9 months. She also was “Best of Breed”. A good way to start her showcareer!

Britt, 7½ maand (3) (Medium)


Back home from an eight days trip to the UK for the matings from Conchita and Isabela. We also took Zoran so he could mate an English girl. All went very succesful, so we hope for two litters of puppies by the end of May / beginning of June. You can find some more information when you click at the button “Puppies?” above.


Sol & Soleil are 9 weeks old yet and Sol is getting ready to move out. They both are very happy, active and sweet puppies. Just another week to enjoy them both. Soleil will move out beginning of April as she’s not allowed to enter Belgium earlier (due to vaccinations).

Sol & Soleil, 7 weken (39)

Sol & Soleil, 8 weken (31) (Medium)


Sol & Soleil (which both means “Sun” in Portugese and French) are doing fantastic and doubled their birthweight in 6 days. Lola is doing a great job!

Sol & Soleil, Dag 7 (21) (Medium)


Lola gave birth to one male (Sol) and one female (Soleil). Unfortunately there was also a boy born still. Both Lola and her puppies are doing well.


Conchita and her son Nacho both went to the show in Brussel. Both became “Brussels Winner” and Nacho was BOB. He is now also a “Benelux Champion”. Congratulations to his owner Marjanne Benard.


Britt made her showdebut. A fantastic critique and “Reserve Best Baby in Show”. We couldn’t wish for a better start!

Britt, 15 weken (11) (Medium)


We expect to have puppies again! Lola is pregnant and hopefully they will be born around Christmas. Father of this litter is the English boy, Arranbourne Dourado at Stormwitch (aka Stanley). Picture of him at the page “Puppies?”

Lola, 3 jaar (3)


Back home from Portugal with our newest, very tiny little girl. We introduce our newest packmember: Loulé do Vale do Juiz

IMG_5915 (Medium)


Great news. At the International dogshow in Bleiswijk, Nacho v.d. Hienderheuvel became a Dutch Champion. Judged by the Portuguese judge Vitor Veiga who gave him a wonderful critique. Congratulations to his owners Marjanne & Peter Benard.

Nacho (1) (Medium)


Zoran had some romantic days with an English girl. Hopefully Peanut will have some beautiful puppies by the beginning of 2016. If you’re interested in having a puppie out of this combination you can take a look at the website:!plans/ctsw


Here she is, our new girl from Sweden. “Björkbygdens Ljusälvan Iridessa” aka Britt!

Britt, 15 weken (14)


After a short break the activity starts again at the Hienderheuvel. Tomorrow we’ll fly to Sweden to pick up a new girl. She’s called Britt and a daughter of Zoran. In the mean time Lola v.d. Hienderheuvel is having a romantic holiday in the United Kingdom where she will get mated. So, hopefully puppies again around Christmas 2015! If you’d like to meet us and our dogs, we’ve entered some shows again. You can meet us at the Amsterdam Winner, Brussels Winner and Crufts.

Britt, 14 weken Björkbygdens Ljusälvan Iridessa (Britt)


Back from the United States after delivering Riva to her new owners. Amazingly how a puppy from only 10 weeks old, can deal with such an exciting trip for 17 hours. We’re very proud to this little brave girl!

Riva in Columbia (3) (Medium)


The first puppy from the R-Litter moved out. Rebel (aka Ozu) did very well the first day and night. Tomorrow Riva will leave to the United States. Rossi stays till August. He’s going to live in Belgium and due to his vaccinations he needs to stay a little longer.


Our youngest girl, Pepita, gained her first Championstitle. She’s a German Juniorchampion now!

IMG_2090 (Medium)


Two weeks ago, Zoran had a visit from a beautiful Swedisch girl “Tingeling” (Olimpia do Vale Nego). Hopefully there will be born some lovely puppies out of this romance within seven weeks. If you are interested you can take a look at the website of the Swedisch breeder:

Zoran & Tingeling


Our R-Litter is born! Last Saturday (11-04) Conchita gave birth to three beautiful red, very similar looking, puppies. Two boys (Rebel and Rossi) and one girl (Riva). Zoran is the father of this litter.

Dag 1 (2)


Carmel’s puppies are almost 10 weeks old now and so Qui Qui is going to move to her new owners. Happy (Qeau Qeau) will stay till he’s 15 weeks old because he is going to move to Belgium and need some vaccinations first. We’ve enjoyed those little onces a lot and we wish Qui Qui a wonderful new life.

9 weken (81) (Medium)


Carmel’s puppies are 3 weeks old now and they are doing fantastic!

Dag 22 (4)


Carmel’s puppies are 1 week old yet. Click on the links below to see more pictures!

Dag 4 (1) (Medium)


Our Q-Litter is born! Early this morning Carmel gave birth to two puppies. One boy, called Qeau-Qeau and a girl, called Qui-Qui. Both mother and puppies are doing fine. This litter is sired by the English stud Arranbourne Dourado at Stormwitch.

Dag 1 (8)

Qeau-Qeau at the left, Qui-Qui at the right


Our little benjamin, Pepita, wins the Amsterdam Junior Winner and WINNER title. Just 11 months old! Judged by a Portuguese judge and competing against some beautiful opponents. She clearly has the X-factor!


Nacho also won the Junior Winnertitle and Kenza won Open Class. Proud to all!


Back from the United Kingdom for a mating between Carmel and Arranbourne Dourado at Stormwitch (aka Stanley). Puppies expected around January 24th.

10496122_10203454611880107_5654930418402162610_o   Stanley


Congratulations to the owners of two new “Hienderheuvel” Champions. Mocca, living in Sweden (owner M. Jomgart), became a Czech Champion and Nacho (owner M. Bénard) is now also a Dutch Juniorchampion!


A lovely day at the Bundessieger show in Dortmund (Germany). Pepita won her first title, “Bundes Jugendsiegerin”. She was also Best Junior of breed. Litter sister Pérola (Polo, owner D. Curtis, co-owned by us) took the 2nd place.

Lola won CAC and Res. CACIB and is now also a GERMAN CHAMPION! Novak v.d. Hienderheuvel (Bowie, owner I. Ariessen) also won the “Bundes Jugendsieger” title. Proud to all of them!


At NPPA’s Clubshow in the UK, Pérola v.d. Hienderheuvel won “Best Puppy in Show”!

10659156_10203856668611274_6858489597695103644_n    Pérola (Polo) and Diana



At the show in Maastricht Navarra became an INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION, judged by a Portugese judge. Nacho (bred by us) was also there and he was “Best of Breed”!


Some new championtitles at the show in Rotterdam. Lola is now Benelux Winster and DUTCH CHAMPION. Half brother Nacho (owner M. Bénard) is Benelux Junior Winner, Benelux Winner and BENELUX JUNIOR CHAMPION!


Nacho v.d. Hienderheuvel is Luxembourg’s Junior Champion. Also selected for the best 10 out of Group 5! Congratulations Marjanne & Peter.

20140413_172611_resizedAfter hard work you need a little beautysleep.


To the show in Erkrath (Germany) with Pepita and Isabela. Pepita, still in puppyclass, scored “Very Promissing” and Isabela took the CAC and BOS. She’s now also a German Champion. Novak v.d. Hienderheuvel was also there and was Best of Breed. He is now a German Junior Champion. Proud of all!


We have a new champion in our group. At the show in Genk (Belgium) Isabela finished the title of International Champion!


We had a lovely and succesfull day at the Sighthoundspecialty. Our dogs were judged by the German Mrs. I. Krah-Heijermann. The results:

Pepita v.d. Hienderheuvel, 1 Very Promissing (Best baby)

Novak (Bowie) v.d. Hienderheuvel, 1 Excellent, CAC, BOS

Kenza v.d. Hienderheuvel, 2 Excellent, Res. CAC

Lola v.d. Hienderheuvel, 1 Excellent, CAC, BOB, Clubwinner 2014


Look at our Zoran. He’s in the dogmagazine “Onze Hond” as a breed representative. Very proud of our handsome young man!

Zoran, Onze Hond (Medium)


We had a wonderful reunion last thursday. In total 26 Podengo’s had a lot of fun together. We’d like to thank everybody for making this day such a successful one!

IMG_6473 (Medium)


Fantastic results at the shows in Dortmund (Germany). Proud of all!

On saturday: Lola v.d. Hienderheuvel, 1 Exc., CAC, CACIB, Europasieger, BOB, Navarra do Vale do Juiz, 1 Exc., Res. CAC, Res. CACIB and Novak v.d. Hienderheuvel, 1 Exc., J. CAC, Europa Jugend Sieger (just 9 months old).

On sunday: Kenza v.d. Hienderheuvel, 1 Exc., CAC, CACIB, Springsieger and Novak v.d. Hienderheuvel, 1 Exc, J. CAC, Spring Junior Sieger, BOB. Kenza and Novak live with Ben and Ine Ariessen.


Thursday May 29th we’re organizing a “Hienderheuvel”-reunion. We’re expecting about 25 to 30 Pequeno’s. The day will start at 11.00 hours and we’ll finish at 16.00 hours. If you’re interested in the breed it’s a fantastic opportunity to meet so many of them at once. Do you want to visit this event and take a look, please let us know! You can phone us: 0031-0527-271868 or send an email:


All gone. Areia puppies left our house this weekend (due to the vaccinations they had to stay longer at our house). Polar is now living in Germany, Pérola moved to England. Pepita stayed at our house.


Only two days to go until we say goodbye to Isabela’s puppies. 10 weeks old and ready to discover the world. Okidoki (Spetter) and Ocaña (Woezel) are going to live in Belgium, Oleandra (Lea) is going to stay in the Netherlands.

Pepita, from Areia’s litter, is going to stay at our house. Pérola stays with us till April 19th before moving to the UK. Polar is still looking for a new forever home. We’re very satisfied about the developments from these six little characters.

Lots of new pictures from the last two weeks at the page “Puppies?”


Eight weeks old and full of energy. The puppies are doing fantastic. They had a lot of visitors those days and they really liked all the attention. New photo’s under the button “Puppies?”. Polar is still looking for a new home (see down under).


The puppies are 6 weeks old and already chipped. Therefore they are all together now. Lots of new photo’s under the button “Puppies?”.


Over five weeks old yet. So, new pictures from the puppies. Look at the button “Puppies”?.  Two puppies are still available. If you’re interested you can contact us by phone (0031-(0)527-271868) or by email (


The puppies are four weeks old yet. They are growing very well and we’re satisfied about their developments. New photo’s under the button “Puppies?”. Two puppies are still available. If you’re interested you can contact us by phone (0031-(0)527-271868) or by email (


New babypictures! Look under the button “Puppies?”.


The puppies are two weeks old yet. New pictures under “Puppies?”.


The puppies from both litters are already one week old. Time to show some photo’s. Look under the button “Puppies” for the albums. Here is already one of them, our smallest girl Pepita (daughter from Areia).

Dag 6, Pepita (2) (Medium)


What a fantastic way to start 2014. On January 2nd Isabela gave birth to one male and two females. Father of the litter is Yukon of Great Promise. We named them Okidoki (male), Ocaña and Oleandra.

Dag 1 (12) (Medium)

One day later, on January 3rd, Areia also gave birth to one male and two females. Just like Isabela, also here one male was born dead. Father of this litter is Zoran do Vale do Juiz. These puppies are called: Polar (male), Pérola and Pepita.

Dag 2, Pérola, Pepita en Polar (1) (Medium)