Dag 6, Pepita (2) (Medium)

Loulé do Vale do Juiz was mated by Zoran do Vale do Juiz. Puppies expected around December 20th 2017.

The upcoming combinations are planned:

Björkbygdens Ljusälvan Iridessa (Britt) x Nacho v.d. Hienderheuvel (Maart 2018)             Twinkle v.d. Hienderheuvel x Novak v.d. Hienderheuvel (June 2018)                            Lola v.d. Hienderheuvel x Xico de Corgovalle (November 2018)

If you’re interested in having a puppie from our kennel you can contact us by email (hienderheuvel@hetnet.nl) or phone (0031-597-672378).

Underneath a presentation with lots of pictures from earlier litters.